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No joke. 9:28: Rhodes aggressively works over Del Rio, not working over the taped knee of Del Rio that Swagger injured Friday. The graphics are marvelous, the tracks are fantastic, the online matches are insane, the items system is balanced, the Mario Kart TV is excellent. However I am disappointed with the 6.1 mix again... The gameplay is enjoyable alone, but best played with friends or being competitive online. check over here

Perfect. SUCKAS GOTS TA KNOW. 9:52: Orton and Sheamus square off with 3MB members Slater and McIntyre. Even Beats my personal favorites Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart DS. Nintendo proves once again they are consistently the best world at making games. 7 of 56 users found this helpful All this user's reviews DutchDagger May 30, 2014 10 Another Nintendo

He adds a Dead Man Down mention. (Plug #2). 9:21: Alicia and Natalya visit Rwanda on a tour of good will. I thought for sure I was going to have to sell my Wii U but this game really turned it around for me. It's Cena vs. If you own a wii u, do yourself a favour and buy this game now.

Gráficos belíssimos, pistas incríveis, grande variedade de personagens e veículos para escolher. Bu tercihi aşağıdan değiştirebilirsiniz. I recommend this game to everyone. 4 of 5 users found this helpful All this user's reviews Randomman93 Jun 8, 2014 10 Fantastic game! There isn't much to review of this game, it's a karting game, and a great one at that.

Truly amazing game!… Expand 0 of 3 users found this helpful All this user's reviews jholden3249 Jun 29, 2014 10 Mario Kart 8 is the pinnacle of gameplay-based entertainment. Kevin Dunn just puked all over the production truck. Watch Dogs on the PS4 is on the back burner tonight. 12 of 21 users found this helpful All this user's reviews Will_Ross18 Jun 4, 2014 10 People, Mario Kart 8

Ryback beats up Otunga in effigy. 8:29: Lesnar and HHH are apparently wrestling for the right to use Jerry Lawler's theme song as their own. 8:30: Fandango changes the pronunciation of his

Brings back the feeling of being able to enjoy a freshly released game straight from the box. Notre Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/futgo.fifa/?... Jericho finally covers for 2. 10:50: Barrett is knocked off the apron with Jericho's triangle dropkick, but Miz gets a high kick on Y2J for 2. Oh Yeah, not available for the "Drop a $1,000 just to play video game" x box 1.

This is a game I pick up at least once a week on my own, and even more so if friends are over, or if I'm playing online with my family Its amazing the difference in areas like moo-moo farm when comparing the Wii U and the Wii version. Reply Justin Henry says: March 18, 2013 at 6:38 pm the show, or my live review? But for me the true test of a great Mario Kart is how long I'll be playing it.

Great job Nintendo and reason enough for owning a Wii U. 0 of 0 users found this helpful All this user's reviews Velsuan Jun 19, 2014 10 What can I say? check my blog If they bring out a dlc with arenas, I'll give it an 11!!! :-) gotta go racing again!! The DLC that Nintendo made for the game is an incredible value for the price, as you get 8 new tracks that are all as great as the tracks that come Titles like Mario Kart 8 are what bring supposedly doomed consoles back to life.

Stunning... First off, while the gameplay is extremely similar to any other recent mario kart game, the balance has been completely reworked. A MUST HAVE for any Wii U owner and a good start for someone who doesn't own a Wii U yet! 720 or 1080; this game looks amazing!!! this content And…..scene? 9:03: That segment should have ended with Tony Soprano getting up from the diner table, and then a black screen. 9:04: On a serious note, 11 years ago tonight, at this very

In terms of presentation it is perfect... This is, especially for a Nintendo fan, a MUST BUY. To sum it up, this is a fantastic game- a must have for any Wii U owner, and the closest thing we've had so far to a system seller!… Expand 4

Reply "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says: March 18, 2013 at 9:47 pm A TNA match?

Reply unhappy camper says: March 18, 2013 at 9:39 pm I dont seem to get updates either Reply "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says: March 18, 2013 at 9:41 pm He's Mind-blowing. and then tosses the urn around in his hands to be extra douchetastic. Reply Andrew says: March 19, 2013 at 5:31 pm que the No Holds Barred Theme : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhRW-mjSzsU Reply Zach says: March 18, 2013 at 10:30 pm HHH should have Alistair Overeem

It's "just for the WWE Universe", so if you're not a fan, DON'T WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE. The new tracks are wonderful and a nice careful selection of remastered tracks. It's still not perfect, but hardcore gamers are bound to enjoy this almost as much as a casual one. have a peek at these guys Hang on. 10:11: Believe it was his heel run from April 22, 2002 through September 7, 2004.

This could be a pivotal night. 10:16: Ziggler works the headstand chinlock as a match usually full of high energy isn't connecting with me. Sadly, Hunter didn't tuck his jeans into feminine white boots like Hogan did in 1988. What kind of contract signing is this? 11:02: Does anyone else think Hunter's shaved head makes him look like I'm glad this game exist on the market. Young, and ‘Pancake' pulls Young out of the ring on an STF attempt as we hit commercial one.

I guess the only down part of this game, is once you get it your life will be over.… Expand 5 of 6 users found this helpful All this user's reviews Better than Crash Nitro Kart.